Release 1.9.11

Wine Staging Team - Tue, 31 May 2016

Wine Staging 1.9.11 has been released this weekend. This release is a small update containing only a few improvements targeting different applications.

Besides updating the existing patches (including CSMT) to be compatible with the current development release of Wine, this release contains only a few additions. The most noticeable one is a patch to fix a crash when launching DOOM. However, this doesn't mean that the whole DRM protection is working yet, but it is a first step. We also fixed a regression that caused problems when creating threads on FreeBSD and could also lead to issues on some Linux systems. A list containing all newly added patches is available below.

  • Do not sort the InMemoryOrderModuleList by memory addresses (DOOM, Wine Bug #40623)
  • Add stub for setupapi.CM_Get_DevNode_Status (DVDFab, Wine Bug #40691)
  • Provide DeviceID, Location and PortName for printers (HP Diagnostic, Wine Bug #40539)
  • Implement DrawDibProfileDisplay in msvideo.dll16
  • Workaround for Windows 3.1 apps which call LoadImage(LR_LOADFROMFILE) with a resource id (Okad2, Wine Bug #24963)
  • Add stub for ntoskrnl.IoStopTimer