Release 1.7.52

Wine Staging Team - Sun, 04 Oct 2015

Some minutes ago we released Wine Staging 1.7.52. This is the first release after WineConf 2015 and the integration into WineHQ.

Some of the changes related to the integration have been realized in the meantime and you should now use the WineHQ bug tracker for reporting bugs. Just open them as regular Wine bugs and mention the used wine version. Although this news is mostly about the source code changes, I would like to mention that Arch Linux now provides an official package which is also named wine-staging and therefore conflicts with our packages. The package installs into /usr instead of /opt/wine-staging so you might run into conflicts with other wine versions. Take a look at our Wiki for more information.

In this release an implementation of the msidb tool has been added. The program can be used to create or alter MSI installers. As usual there were also several bug fixes which are listed below.

  • Add implementation for mfplat.MFTEnum (Prism Video Converter, Wine Bug #39309)
  • Add implementation for msidb commandline tool
  • BitBlt and StretchDIBits should be marked as hotpatchable (Bad Mojo - GOG)
  • Codepage conversion should fail when destination length is ≤ 0
  • Correctly parse double quotes in the msi token values
  • Do not trust width/height passed to edit control in WM_SIZE message (Lotus Approach, Wine Bug #37542)
  • Do not use GdipAlloc and GdipFree in internal functions (Happy Foto Designer, Wine Bug #32786)
  • Do not wait for hook thread startup in IDirectInput8::Initialize (Shiva Editor/Evochron, Wine Bug #21403)
  • Fix calculation of listbox size when horizontal scrollbar is present (Lotus Approach, Wine Bug #38142)
  • Implement additional stub functions in authz.dll (Cygwin 2.3.0, Wine Staging Bug #565)
  • Implement ws2_32.InetPtonA/W functions (Cinema 4D R17)
  • Mark ddraw1 and ddraw_surface1 vtable as writable (Bad Mojo - GOG)
  • Pass cookie by reference to msvcrt_local_unwind4 in _seh_longjmp_unwind4 (PlanCad-L, Wine Bug #39356)
  • Protect TVM_GETITEM from invalid item pointers (AXE3, Wine Bug #33001)
  • Refresh MDI menus when DefMDIChildProc(WM_SETTEXT) is called (Lotus Word Pro, Wine Bug #21855)
  • RegOpenKeyExA, RegCloseKey and RegQueryValueExA should be hotpatchable (Bad Mojo - GOG)
  • Return STATUS_INVALID_DEVICE_REQUEST when trying to call NtReadFile on directory (Wine Staging Bug #571)
  • WritePrivateProfileStringA should be hotpatchable (Bad Mojo - GOG)

All the changes (including removed/upstream accepted patches) are listed in our changelog.