Release 1.7.43

Wine Staging Team - Sun, 17 May 2015

Wine Staging 1.7.43 was released yesterday with a lot of bug fixes in wininet and various other parts of Wine.

The upstream wininet implementation behaves different compared to Windows in various ways if an application replaces the Host header in a HTTP request. While trying to fix these problems, several other issues were discovered. This release adds a total of 13 patches to fix incorrect handling of HTTP header fields, handling of cookies and HTTP authentication. In addition a memory leak was fixed that was triggered by HTTP requests containing a cookie.

We also continued working on our plans to categorize our patches. So far we don't have a "highly experimental" category yet, but all patches and patchsets are now properly categorized into a stable/unstable category. The stable category only contains patches which are unlikely to change during the next time. They were tested long enough to ensure that they do not introduce any critical regressions, and there are no immediate plans to improve them (besides probably minor reformatting in order to get them accepted upstream). It is possible to enable only those patches by passing category-stable to our script instead of --all. However, this also disables commonly used experimental patchsets like CSMT or CUDA and is therefore mostly useful for regression testing or to keep track of the state of patches.

Besides the features mentioned above, this release also contains some smaller patches. This includes a fix for the broken directory enumeration on FreeBSD, fixes for Xfire 2 and for Steam in Windows 7 mode. As usual you can find all the changes in our changelog.